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Hey fellaz,

here's my live recorded set from the last ObenUntenAllles Rave from Hamburg's legendary Bunker. There was a bit hard vibrations while standing literally on the subwoofer with a lack of monitoring, so mixing at the first tracks wasnt matchy as it was supposed to be. After that I've arranged with the circumstances. Anyway, enjoy the set!


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Hey folks,

here's my live recorded set from my recent set at Waagenbau. I've played the first two hours of the night, starting with deeper stuff that evolves into something. Enjoy the ride!


05.09.19, 16:24:44

The Random Mix II mixed by Bek

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Hey folks,
let me tell you a little story:
Once upon time there was a knight, who was recognized as a pleasant person and willing to help everyone. A knight with a deep knowledge and a twisted tongue. Nobody could have ever imagined that this knight might have a darker inside...until that one cold night, where the whole castle was surrounded by an army of outlaws. Fog, fire, fear! To prepare the castles people for defending their homes, this pleasant knight seen the sign of the times and climbed the castles dj booth immediately. He played powerful music that set free maximun energy in order of ongoing attacks by the outlaws. He was wearing his steel armo...and his mirror shades! Historic letters described him from now on as Sir Bekelot the impenetrable.


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Hey folks,
I hope you are having a great summer enjoying the topless party season! Here's the set I've played at the Weird Open Air second stage hosted by Maximale Liebe in the heart of Hamburg near Sternschanze. It was a daytime party with perfect weather conditions and performances by Jan Blomqvist & Band, Oliver Schories, Miyagi and the Maximale Liebe showcase were the music has been a bit more 'intense' ;) I've played the first slot, starting with a deeper stuff while people were just hanging out until they feeds start to move.

Duration:: 2hours2minutes

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Hej folks,
I've made a Podcast episode for EF. Here's the original press release including playlist:

Hello everyone,
with a little delay here is this months EF Podcast with edition 099 mixed by Bek. Featuring latest and greatest of deeper up to more upfrontin Progressive House or whatever it's called these days. Enjoy the mix!

01 - Dave DK - Jelly Legs
02. Max Cooper - Volition (Robag Wruhme Remix)
03. Yotto - Turn It Around (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
04. Fur Coat - Babel (Hunter/Game Remix)
05. Jeremy Olander - Southbound
06. Fabra - Volcano (Ivan Masa Remix)
07. Deltano - Neo
08. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - All I Need To Get High (Ae:ther Dub Remix)
09. Patrice Bäumel - Grace
10. Microtrauma - Ore
11. Marcus Meinhardt - Dschungelcamp
12. 1979 - Metro
13. Denis Horvat - Devlin
14. Sasha - Smoke Monk (Yotto Remix)
15. Bek - Keen
16. Huxley - Evolution (VONDA7 Lights On Mix)