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Here's my latest set from Hamburg's biggest indoor rave called 'ObenUntenAlles' recorded at club Terrace Hill. It was once again a pleasure! Feel free to share it and drop some comments!

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Hey folks,
I've made another guestmix, this time for my DJ mate Flouka who runs the Hamburger Nächte page which informs about local raves, partys, clubs, resident DJs and more. This mix was recorded straight after my week off on Ibiza, so you might hear some sunny vibes for the very last time until fall kicks in. That's why you should listen to it soon ;)

Here's the original press release:
Mit Johnny Bek starten wir mit frischer Power in die neue Woche.
Dabei steht der Hamburger schon seit 2002 hinterm Pult und weis eine Atmosphäre zu schaffen, wo einem der Atem wegbleiben kann.

Seine musikalischen Einflüsse umfasst die elektronische Musik der 80er Jahre bis heute. Für ihn sind DJ's dabei eine Art Magier, die ihre Crowd mit Tricks und Kniffen in einen zauberhaften Bann ziehen. Elektronische Musik zu machen ist eine Kunst, verschiedene Genres und Stile miteinander zu verbinden. Ein neues Kunstwerk zu schaffen.

Mit drei DJ-Kollegen startete Bek 2009 die Veranstaltungsreihe Electric Fabric Hamburg. 2011 die Produktion eigener Tracks. Am Anfang mit einem leeren Blatt Papier, am Ende mit einer fertigen Produktion, in der viel Zeit und Arbeit steckt.

2015 setzte er sich gegenüber 300 DJ's durch und gewann die Mixmag + ANTS Ibiza DJ competition. Infolgedessen ging es für ihn ins Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel (Official), wo er zusammen mit UNER, Timo Maas Official Page, Los Suruba, Andrea Oliva "Official" und Ben Pearce spielen durfte.

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Hej Ladies & Gents,

here's a recorded Mix I made exclusively for the ElectronicMusicTreasury Soundcloud Channel. It's a nice journey through deeper and darker sounds, hope you like it!

01. Chymera - Strange Things Are Afoot
02. Henry Saiz - September
03. Tim Andresen - Blue Sun
04. Anja Schneider - Free Fall
05. Rampa - Hall Of Violence
06. Sasha - Track 10
07. Toni Lionni - This Feeling
08. GHEIST - Rufos
09. Alex Niggemann - The Legacy
10. Martinet - Tumble Down

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Hey folks,

once a again a ELECTRIC FABRIC Mix hosted by me with an exclusive guestmix by my DJ mate Herr Oppermann! Here's the original press release:

Welcome to the July edition of EF Podcast with catalogue number 081! In the middle of northern european summer we are happy to have Tach & Nacht and Rappelkiste artist Herr Oppermann featured on the guestmix duties this month. He is well known in Hamburg, played numerous gigs in the last years and is part of the label Tach & Nacht, which were founded by the club owners of Fundbureau some years ago. The Resident mix has been delivered by Bek in the first hour of this episode. Make sure to listen to the july episode of the EF Podcast!

Hour 1 mixed by Bek

01. Akasha Soundsystem - Shade
02. Akasha Soundsystem - Speculum
03. Piek & Fabel - Despertar (Henry Saiz Remix)
04. Robot Koch & Chi Thanh - Nebula
05. Audiojack - Spirit
06. &ME - Avalon
07. Damian Lazarus & Ancient Moons - I Found You (Black Coffee Remix)
08. David Keno & Kollektiv Ost - Tabula Rasa
09. Luzon - The Baguio Track (Victor Ruiz Remix)
10. Dominik Eulberg & Essay - Dream Machine


Hour 2 mixed by Herr Oppermann

01 Cristoph & Jeremy Olander - Last Dance (Original Mix)
02 Definition - Vision (feat. Thomas Gandey)
03 Moonwalk, Teenage Mutants - Odensa
04 Peter Makto & Gregory S - Truth Seeker
05 Gorge - Hidaya (Original Mix)
06 Khainz - Planemos (Original Mix)
07 The Cheapers - Shithole
08 Alex Stein, K.A.L.I.L - Control (Victor Ruiz remix)
09 Moonwalk - Echoes (Original Mix)
10 Dennis Cruz - Get Freaky (Original Mix)
11 DJ T. - Try to Understand (&Me Remix)

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Like every year since 2010, May 31 marks the public release day of my annual summer mix called 'THIS IS SUMMER'. It became kind of my signature mix for the summer months. Hand-picked tracks, sunny grooves, danceable and smart music, that is what TIS '17 stands for. Most of the music featured has barely been played in my recent DJ sets, just to keep them fresh and exclusive. It's the only studio mix I'm putting together every year, that's why lots of the tracks are special edited to put them in the mix the way it fits best.
Make sure to enjoy the Mix while spending time outside in the sun, on vacation or whatever has the special summer feeling to you!
Have a great summer season, feel free to share this mix, if you enjoy it as much, as I did putting it together!

Available from July 1st.

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