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20.09.11, 21:20:50

Progressive September Session Podcast

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Hello everyone,
after two weeks off from the podcast desk, i am back with some really cheeky sounds. Great productions were released in the deeper club sound genres in the past weeks. Some of my favourites are included in this episode. I spent most of my free time in working on some new own material. Few tracks are in the pipeline but not finished yet. To listen to the latest stuff please headover to my Soundcloud page: http://www.soundcloud.com/bek-1

Progressive September Session 2011 - mixed by Bek
1. Hector - Orale (SIS Remix)
2. Guy J - Azimuth
3. 8 Ball & Noel Labrosse - Osaya
4. GusGus - Over
5. Martin Dawson - Is This Goodbye (Tale of Us Remix)
6. Humate - Love Stimulation (Vincenzo Remix)
7. Solomun - See You Everyday Alone (Dub Mix)
8. Robert Bosco - Good Lover (Steffi Remix)
9. Underworld - Dark & Long (Christian Smith Tronic Treatment Mix)
10. Layo & Bushwacka! + Nero - Do You Say Innocence Now? (Bek´s V_rtek Tribute Booty)
11. Christian Smith - Patanga
12. Hertz & Subway Baby - Shockz
13. Cirez D - Mokba
14. Sasha feat. Kirsten Linder - Cut Me Down
15. Bedrock - Santiago (Bedrocks St. James Mix)

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